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Since 1983, Digicom has been providing online dialup services, first with our innovative BBS, then pioneering into providing Internet access.  We have had our services highlighted in USA Today, ABC News, Boardwatch and Playboy Magazines, and many local print and television media.
Today, we provide over 7400 access numbers nationwide, and unlike out competitors, we don't clutter up your PC with software you don't want.  You can use our easy to use installer software, or you can manually add a dialup connection and be online with no software needed!  [More About Us]

Standard Dialup

Nationwide Unlimited 56K
No software needed!
Full Internet Access without the add-ons


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High Speed Dialup

7x Faster than standard dialup
Easy to install
Windows & Mac Compatible


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Download our Windows Quick Install Software
Download our Windows SlipStream High Speed Software
(Requires High Speed Account to use.)
Download our Mac SlipStream High Speed Software
(Requires High Speed Account to use.)

Prefer to setup you connection Manually?   Click here for help:
Windows XP - Windows  98/ME - Mac OS - Mac OS9

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AIM: DigicomHelp
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RescueMyPC remote support now available with dialup also!
SlipStream 5.0 Now Available
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